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Tuesday, February 27

Doors at 6:30pm. Conversation at 6:45pm.

Spaces, 180 John Street

Early Bird: $7

Regular Ticket: $12

Door Ticket: $15

Publicly-traded cannabis companies have reached soaring valuations over the past 24 months. Are these valuations justified? How can you accurately value a cannabis company in a pre-legalization market? 

At the February Leaf Toronto meetup, we'll discuss the state of cannabis companies in the public market with Aaron Salz (CEO and Founder of Stoic Advisory Inc.) and Vanmala Subramaniam (Money & Economics Editor at VICE Media).

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As we have to budget for space and refreshments, we are unable to offer refunds later than 48 hours prior to a meetup or after the meetup.

Leaf Toronto strives to be an inclusive community and we have a limited number of free tickets available for those requiring financial assistance — email us at hello@leaftoronto.com to request a free ticket.

Past Events

January 23

Feat. Dr. Darryl Hudson

Join Leaf Toronto for a discussion with Dr. Darryl Hudson about the impact new federal regulations will have on what you can grow, where you can grow it, and what that means for the plant and plant related products. Dr. Darryl Hudson is the co-founder of InPlanta Biotechnology and VP Science & Innovation for the Flowr Corporation. He received his PhD in Molecular Biology & Genetics from the University of Guelph in 2010. Following a postdoctoral fellowship and work developing commercial fertilizers, he has focused the majority of his time towards the emerging Cannabis industry. After helping to form a Cannabis production company in 2013 under the newly established Canadian MMPR regulations, Dr. Hudson moved on to work as a consultant for projects around the globe.

October 25

Feat. Public Policy Panel

Canadian cannabis regulations are complicated. At the next Leaf Meetup, you'll learn everything you need to know about evolving provincial regulations to get a head start on your dream cannabis business. This will be the final Leaf Toronto meetup of 2017, so don't miss out!

September 20

Feat. Setu Purohit

Join Leaf Toronto for a discussion with Setu Purohit, Co-Founder and General Counsel of Avicanna, a life sciences company focused on innovative and biotechnological advancements in the medical cannabis industry worldwide. Hear from Setu about the game changing products being developed by him and his team, the future of scientific progress in cannabis and what it’s like being the first and only cannabis company to be accepted into Johnson and Johnson’s Innovation Labs at Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District.

August 23

Feat. Abi Roach

We will be joined by Abi Roach, life-long cannabis entrepreneur and owner of Roach-a-Rama and the Hotbox Cafe in Toronto's Kensington Market. Abi is a 20-year veteran of the cannabis industry, and is well-positioned to rapidly expand an already well-recognized brand. At this can't-miss meetup, we'll learn about Abi's experience in the industry, how she has prospered over two decades in the space, and her plans for expansion in a legal rec market.

July 25

Feat. Maxim Zavet, Co-Founder & President of Emblem Cannabis

Our July meetup features Max Zavet, the co-founder and President of Emblem Cannabis. We'll discuss Max’s experience building and growing a cannabis business in a highly regulated environment. Max will get into the history and future of Emblem, his expertise in growing and strain selection from a large-scale producers perspective, as well as the importance of patient care.

July Leaf Toronto Meetup
June 27

Feat. Chuck Rifici

We will be joined by Chuck Rifici, a pioneer in the Canadian cannabis industry and CEO of Nesta​ and Cannabis Wheaton​. Chuck co-founded Canopy Growth Corp (formerly Tweed). We will discuss his vision for the Canadian cannabis industry, industry trends, and his new ventures.

June Leaf Toronto Meetup
May 23

Feat. Mark Noble and Jaime Purvis, Horizons ETFs

Our May meetup featured Mark Noble and Jaime Purvis from Horizons ETFs, the creators of the first cannabis exchange traded fund. We were also joined by David Chellew of iA Securities who offered his analysis of the cannabis industry and publicly-traded companies in the space.

May Leaf Toronto Meetup
April 19

Feat. Antuanette Gomez & D'arci McFadden

Our April meet up featured Antuanette Gomez, cannabis entrepreneur and diversity consultant. Antuanette discussed her experience as an entrepreneur in the space and shared advice for new founders. We then heard from D'arci McFadden, a senior government relations consultant for NATIONAL, who discussed the new Federal cannabis legislation.

April Leaf Toronto Meetup
March 23

Feat. Michael Lickver, Attorney at Bennett Jones

Our March meetup featured Michael Lickver, an attorney at Bennett Jones and top legal advisor in the cannabis space. Michael discussed regulations around cannabis and his forecasts for future legal issues in the space.

March Leaf Toronto Meetup
February 21

Feat. Alan Gertner, CEO & Co-Founder of Tokyo Smoke

Our February meet up featured Alan Gertner, the CEO and Co-Founder of the leading premium cannabis and lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke. Alan shared his insights into the branding of cannabis and the evolution of the retail side of the industry.

February Leaf Toronto Event
January 17

Feat. Vic Neufeld, CEO of Aphria

Our inaugural event featured Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld. Over 100 attendees took part in an engaging conversation with Vic about the future of marijuana, in particular the important role of the medical market and producers in Canada's industry moving forward.

January Leaf Toronto Meetup


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